We help kindergartens who are challenged to hire staff locally. 

Get access to a network of qualified and language speaking

teachers primarily from the Central European region!

Working with us is easy. We know what we are

doing, we are prepared, structured & always on time. 

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Hiring kindergarten teachers made easy

Focus on your business

 Hiring needs time, focus, and expertise. Save time on sifting through unqualified CVs and engaging candidates

Attract more teachers

Reach more qualified teachers. Get access to a growing network of international educators

Keep it simple

Simple and effective selection process tailored to your needs. We handhold candidates throughout the process

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Recognised Qualifications

Thorough understanding of the certifications required to hold in your country to teach. We won’t send an unqualified candidate just to fill a slot.


 Extended Talent Pool

Get access to talents from nearby countries. Global outreach, with primary focus on candidates from Central & Eastern Europe.

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We create long-lasting partnerships. Our mission is to make hiring simple & stress-free. Spend the time you save with us on your core business.

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We hand hold our candidates from the recruitment process through relocation to settling in. 



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  • ​It starts with us finding a match for you 

  • Qualifications, experience & personality are thorougly checked

  • We make sure Candidate is well informed about the opportunity 

  • You receive an introduction package

  • Found what you are looking for?  Let's move to the next stage!

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  • Your first meeting with the candidate happens online

  • We ensure candidate is prepared for the interview with you

  • Primary objective is to check if expectations match

  • Not what you're looking for? We're on to find a new match for you!

  • Both of you are positive? Let's move to the next stage! 

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  • Candidate spends a day in your kindergarten 

  • Candidate gets the full picture of the job, team & environment

  • Your opportunity to assess professional readiness & team fit

  • Not what you're looking for? We're on to find a new match for you!

  • Match made in heaven? Let's move to the final stage!



  • Agree on the first day at work

  • Candidate receives an employment offer from you 

  • Both parities sign the contract

  • We handhold candidates durint relocation & onboarding


Kindergartens say about us...

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Die Zusammenarbeit mit Anetta Vitaris ist von Professionalität, schneller und präziser Arbeitsweise und einer immer freundlichen und herzlichen Arbeitsweise geprägt.
So haben wir mit Hilfe von Anetta mehrere qualifizierte Pädagoginnen aus Ungarn in München eingestellt.
Ich schätze es, dass Anetta exakt auf meine Bedürfnisse Bewerber vorab auswählt und diese die ganze Zeit während des Bewerbungsverfahrens professionell und verlässlich begleitet.
Somit ist Anetta bei unserer Personalsuche aufgrund des Fachkräftemangels in München eine wichtige und zuverlässige Partnerin für unser Unternehmen geworden.

Ferenc Wachtler, Owner & CEO

Die Münchner Kindl Kinderkrippe und Kindergarten


FAQ for Kindergartens in Germany

How do you make sure that the candidate’s qualifications are compliant with the regulations in Germany?

We understand the regulations with regard to the required qualifications to work either as a 'Fachkraft' or as an 'Ergänzungskraft' in kindergartens. Checking the completed program of studies happens during the initial conversation with a candidate. The below sites are used as a reference: https://www.egov.bayern.de/kitaberufe/onlinesuche/suche.aspx https://anabin.kmk.org/no_cache/filter/hochschulabschluesse.html A candidate can move further in the process if s/he meets the requirements for qualifications.

What is the level of German your candidates speak?

It varies and depends on your expectations. We estimate that our candidate's language skills are as below: - 20% of them are on A1 or A2 level - 50% of them are on B2 level - 30% of them are on B1 level In case a candidate’s German is at a B1 level we only submit his/her application if you are open to accepting it and if s/he is committed to complete the B2 language exam within 6 months. Undeniably more flexibility on the language requirements means a more extended talent pool. We do work with A2-level candidates, we consult them about the opportunities in Germany and encourage them to complete at least B1 certification before applying.

Do you also work with bilingual kindergarten teachers?

Yes! Mostly with English speakers. Finding qualified kindergarten teachers who speak both English (A2) and German (B2) is more of a challenge, but not impossible! We most often find native English speakers who have some level of German (A2) but are committed to improving their German skills.

How long does it take you to find a candidate for me?

We excel in moving candidates fast between the stages of the selection process. The length of recruitment largely depends on your availability and your speed of making the hiring decision. The average time between the date the offer was released and the date of joining was 55 calendar days in 2020.